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Wonderful Safety Advice and Ideas for Lighting up your Home for the Holidays from Our Expert Electrician

Lighting up “The Readings” for the holidays

Tis the season that colorful lights start to sparkle the neighborhoods in “The Readings” and beyond – truly one of the best parts about the holiday season.  There is no better way to welcome and enjoy the hectic time of year than to see the glow of outdoor Christmas lights each night.

Brian Higgins, Owner of “Light it Up Electric” stated that prior to setting up a outdoor display, certain safety measures should be followed. 

With over 20 years of experience, Brian provides nine safety tips for holiday decorating: 1) always use a three pronged plug into a GFCI outlet outdoors; 2) buy reputable lighting and decorations that carry the UL rating; 3) never use nails or tacks to string up lights - instead, use hooks, clips, or insulated holders (this will prevent damaging the wires and exposing it to hazards); 4) place lights/strings away from electric lines, phone wires or cable lines; 5) never overload extension cords; 6) don’t shut windows or doors on extension cords; 7) never use outside light indoors; 8) never light a dry tree; and 9) if your artificial tree is not flame resistant, buy a new one.

Brian stated that, of course, it is important to take precautionary measures to assure a reliable and safe display. Using LED rope lights to decorate for the holidays is both affordable and energy efficient. Safety is a big concern when it comes to holiday decorations, and LED lights don’t give off heat, so you don’t have to worry about trees catching fire. LED rope lighting is nearly impossible to break and is also rust proof, so the lights are perfect for outside decorating.

Also, Brian emphasized that the electrical power is just as important, especially if you want to light up the sky!  Wattage has an impact in every area of Christmas lights from planning to installation. Once you find the bulb wattage and understand how amperage affects your project, shopping for Christmas lights and customizing light displays becomes a lot easier.

If you aren't confident about the safety of your light placement or scope of project and do not wish to climb the ladders or on the roof, consider asking the help of a certified electrician.  A few short years ago, it was unheard of to hire someone to hang your Christmas lights. Now, outsourcing the endeavor makes a lot of sense.

Have fun lighting up the skies!

If you have any questions about your holiday lights/display or any electrical needs, Brian can be reached at and 781-710-6969